Is BunnyRappit strong enough to provide sufficient protection?

BunnyRappit is made from a unique foam rubber material that is both strong enough to provide very good protection while, at the same time, soft enough so it would not cause contusion from a child coming in forceful contact with it, unlike other products on the market.

Is BunnyRappit adhesive strong and durable enough?

The BunnyRappit adhesive has been subject to significant testing with the resulting adhesive, produced by The 3M Company, world leader in consumer product adhesives, providing a stable and very durable adhesive with an extensive useful life duration. At the same time, the adhesive may be removed by hand.

What’s the best method for using and applying BunnyRappit?

When applying BunnyRappit, follow these instructions:

CLEAN SURFACE. Clean and dry surface before applying the BunnyRappit to it. The surface should be dry, clean and without any residue of a material which would tend to interfere with effective adhesion.

EXPERIMENT WITH BUNNYRAPPIT BEFORE REMOVING ADHESIVE BACKING. Before removing the adhesive backing, take sufficient time experimenting with the placement on your specific surface by shaping the BunnyRappit (or several BunnyRappits) around or onto the desired surface. Be certain you have determined the position you intend to place the BunnyRappit before peeling away the adhesive backing because the strong adhesive is not designed to be easily removed once it is placed onto a surface.

DO NOT REMOVE ADHESIVE UNTIL READY TO APPLY. The adhesive backing is very strong and is not intended to remove and re-apply. Be prepared to stick onto the surface without then repositioning or otherwise reapplying in a different position. 

DO NOT STRETCH OR TIGHTEN WHEN APPLYING/STICKING ONTO SURFACE. When experimenting as noted above, do not stretch or tighten the BunnyRappit when placing onto a surface. Instead place the BunnyRappit in a loose or relaxed manner without stretching. Stretching only puts stress on the adhesion, potentially causing the adhesion to fail prematurely.

YOU CAN PLACE ONE BUNNYRAPPIT ON TOP OF ANOTHER IF DESIRED. If you desire greater protection on a particular
surface,  you can adhere one or more BunnyRappits  on top of another BunnyRappit. 

YOU CAN PLACE SEVERAL BUNNYRAPPITS ADJACENT TO EACH OTHER. BunnyRappit has a unique modular and symmetrical patent protected shape designed to permit several or numerous BunnyRappits to be placed adjacent to each other either along an edge surface (such as a table edge) or above, below and/or to either or both sides such as on a mirror or full length window or glass door, for example.

Is the BunnyRappit adhesive easy to remove?

The BunnyRappit adhesive is designed to be strong to provide a long duration of excellent protection for children. As a result, the adhesive is strongly adhered but certainly can be removed by hand. To remove the adhesive, peel away carefully with a motion more parallel to surface rather than pulling off. 

Will BunnyRappit’s adhesive damage antiques or other more delicate surfaces?

The adhesive on the BunnyRappit is strong and may potentially damage certain surfaces such as hand painted or antique surfaces. Please be cautious when considering using on such surfaces.

Is BunnyRappit effective enough to guarantee a child will not be injured if they hit any surface covered by it?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Some surfaces are inherently very dangerous and it is highly advisable to remove or eliminate such dangerous surfaces from a household or environment where there are children or other persons. The purpose of BunnyRappit is to reduce risks not encourage additional risks. Eliminate all possible risks to children and others possible before and while using BunnyRappit. The BunnyRappit cannot guarantee prevention of injury but, if used wisely, may reduce risks. Do not ingest the BunnyRappit or adhesion material.