Keep your kids safe from dangerous corners & surfaces:
Just peel off adhesive & stick

Whether you have toddlers, young children or grandchildren visiting, you want to keep them safe from table corners, edges, and other potentially dangerous surfaces. BunnyRappit is the first strong, yet soft foam rubber, durable, non-toxic product that provides the ultimate protection for kids. Just peel off and stick a BunnyRappit to virtually any surface and rest easy!


BunnyRappit Features:

• Strong, yet soft foam rubber
• Fits onto any surface
• Non-toxic
• Peel off & stick
• Extremely durable


And the Winner Is …

We’re proud to have won All Baby & Child’s top award for “Outstanding Product in the Safe & Sound” category, at the 2019 KIDSEXPO Las Vegas trade show for the children’s products industry.


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 Why BunnyRappit

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Over the years there have been corner guards on the market made of various materials that are typically designed to only be placed on a ninety degree table corner and without the BunnyRappit’s strong yet soft protection of a child’s head and face, for example, from impact. This high quality pliable foam rubber material playfully designed in the image of a bunny rabbit permits the BunnyRappit to be placed around, onto or wrapped around any surface, hence the name “BunnyRappit.” The BunnyRappit features easy peel off yet strong and durable adhesive permitting the product significant duration of use for consumers.

Parents, grandparents or other caretakers of youngsters who have unsuccessfully shopped for or researched the availability of a product with these features are aware of the extraordinary market and need for this product. The market for this entirely unique (and patent protected) BunnyRappit is also naturally self-replenishing and would appear to not be at risk of market loss due to rapid changes in technology.